PwnOXz0r's .hack//SIGN Tv Review


Rated: 9

The series .hack//sign is so special that the rank has to deserve a 10. Why? Did you know that Bandai's greatest risk to their company was the series .hack//sign along with the manga, the OST, the OVA and the video game for the PS2. It was all released at one exact moment in time where every single employee for Bandai's heart skipped a single, solitary beat. Then as though it were magic or the working of something beyond normal human comprehension, their plan worked!!! It was a huge sucess! Books, video games, anime box sets and rating flew off the charts and shelves! Anyway getting back to why that all went down the way it did is because people saw .hack and thought 'They put so much into this! Editors everywhere must be going nuts because of the '.' part in .

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CopyMaster's .hack//SIGN Tv Review


Rated: 7

Although the concept was not the most original, the story paves its way for its success in Japan. Because this is Project Hack's first creation (a trio of three, Kouichi Mashimo, Kazunori Ito and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, all renowned figures in Japan's animation industry), they lack sufficient funds to create amore movements and animations to make this series more engaging, thus they had to employ many, many stills within each episodes themselves, and this is the greatest weakness of the entire series. If you notice, you don't get to see the characters battle, but all you see are scene switches; a great disappointment for action fans.

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Divinelight's .hack//SIGN Tv Review


Rated: 8

The originality is not that much, why?
Because this anime continues from the previous .Hack// and the idea comes from the games and from SIGN also.

The humor is the best from the rest project.HAck//, and that makes the atmosphere of the anime really not that same with the rest of the project itself. Well, how Ouka is that funny, and how that Treasure-Hunter Mireille has her own unique way to make fun of Shugo... tha't funny. The truth that Shugo is the object of making fun is the key. I kinda think how the differences really do much, Shugo in reality just shown as a serious person, but... seeing Shugo in The World... well, I would think they are not the same person.

As you watch it, you will see, it's so enjoyable. In my view, I take episode 1 and 2 in 2 days, so boring I think...

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Darkshadowz's .hack//SIGN Tv Review


Rated: 9

.Hack//sign is very enjoyable to watch, unless you are one of those people who hate waiting a while until the story gets good. The story slowly unfolds and becomes better and better as it goes on. There are not many humorus parts in .Hack//sign it is mosty a serious type of anime. I think that the anime lightens up at the end of the anime series. I recommend .hack//sign to people who like a slowly forming story line and people who like serious animes. You might not understand the anime at first, i know i didn't, but if you watch the whole thing you are able to understand it more. There are other series of .hack, there is .Hack//sign, .Hack//dusk and .hack//liminality. Each one is different except the characters of .hack//sign and .hack//dusk meet once.

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